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Dental Digest Podcast with Dr. Melissa Seibert

Jan 10, 2022

Instagram: @dental_digest_podcast


MOD institute:

Topics: digital printing, digital dentistry, digital workflows, implant dentistry, digital smile design

Dr. Wally Rene is back this week and we’ll be talking about digital dentistry. If you missed last week’s episode, I recommend you start there first. Dr. Rene is someone who has truly been a vanguard in the digital dentistry revolution. He was one of the earliest adopters before digital dentistry even took off. He formerly served as a Professor and Assistant Dean of Innovation and Digital Dentistry at the Medical University of South Carolina and has won several national and regional awards for his efforts both pre-clinically and clinically. He’s also the founder of the MOD Institute and leads all learning and innovation initiatives at the organization.

The Modern Optimized Dentistry (MOD) Institute is a dental continuing education center focused on blending evidence-based practices with the latest technology and techniques in order to optimize patient outcomes. The MOD institute seems pretty incredible. They teach dentists how to incorporate cutting edge dentistry, such as digital implant planning, digital smile design, printing a prosthesis, into their practice.