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Dental Digest Podcast with Dr. Melissa Seibert

Jan 24, 2022

This episode features composite veneer and esthetic dentistry subject matter expert Dr. Marshall Hansen. We'll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of composite veneers as well as their indications and technique. Instagram: @dental_digest_podcast

About Dr. Hansen: One of 69 accredited fellows of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry World Wide. Lectures internationally and directs courses to teach other dentists modern cosmetic dental procedures for their patients. Regularly publishes his work and techniques in professional dental journals such as The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Direct Composite Resin Veneers are a non-invasive treatment option used to improve the color, appearance, shape, proportions, strength, and function of a single tooth or of an entire smile. It can also be used to treat symptoms of cold sensitivity. 

The surface of natural teeth are cleaned, polished, and prepared with a fine powdered air- abrasion to allow the material to bond to the tooth. A composite resin is directly bonded to the surfaces of the tooth, and then shaped and polished to a beautiful and natural-looking luster.