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Dental Digest Podcast with Dr. Melissa Seibert

May 16, 2022

Dental Marketing with Legwork

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Dr. David Alleman’s biomimetic journey began when he was so frustrated with dentistry that he wanted to quit. Traditional practices resulted in failed restorations and tooth sensitivity; he sought a better way.

Dr. Alleman’s Six Lessons Approach compiles scientific research from the past 40 years — including his own — into a set of protocols that create consistent outcomes for doctors and their patients. Read more about how, like many dentists, the failures of traditional dentistry led to Dr. Alleman’s burnout but, ultimately, finding a better way forward in our blog post, Founding the Alleman Center.

Biomimetic means to mimic nature. A term initially popularized by Pascal Magne in his 2002 book Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition, the goal of biomimetic dentistry, also known as biomimetic restorative dentistry, is to restore teeth with decay or cracks to their natural strength and structure.

The Biomimetic Mastership teaches Dr. David Alleman’s Six Lessons Approach in a year-long mentorship course. Entirely online, the course is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of doctors around the world and will equip you with everything you need to implement biomimetic dentistry into your practice, giving you the tools to treat your patients with the highest standard of care available. 

With Dr. David and Davey Alleman, Dr. Patrick Calalang, Dr. Ashley Chung, Dr. Dafina Doberdoli and Dr. David Wold to guide you through the biomimetic literature, techniques and protocols of the Six Lessons Approach, you will be able to confidently practice biomimetic dentistry on a daily basis. Learn more about the Biomimetic Mastership.


The Alleman Center was founded with the goal of training doctors around the world in biomimetic restorative protocols that create long-lasting restorations with minimally invasive techniques. In 2019, Hillary Alleman, with her father Dr. David Alleman, created the first ever online biomimetic training mentorship program, the Biomimetic Mastership, to teach his Six Lessons Approach, an innovative protocol to biomimetic dentistry. 

As more doctors, and patients, have started their search for alternatives to traditional dentistry, we are growing to meet the increased demand for biomimetic restorative dentistry around the world. Read more About the Alleman Center.

The Alleman Center team is dedicated to expanding access to biomimetic restorative techniques. The doctors on our team of mentors and practitioners are leaders in the field of biomimetic dentistry. They teach our Biomimetic Mastership and assist the doctors we train. To learn more about their work, publications and offices, visit Meet the Team.