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Dental Digest Podcast with Dr. Melissa Seibert

Jul 4, 2022

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We're going to be talking all about facial and airway growth and development. We'll talk about how improper development can lead to diseases and conditions like sleep apnea. In this episode we're going to answer questions such as how poor growth patterns can lead to conditions such as excessive gingival display, or a gummy smile, a deficient mandible or maxilla or TMD. We'll also discuss the role we as dentists play in all of this. My guest this week is both Dr. Rebecca Bockow and Dr. Michael Gunson. Dr. Bockow is a board certified orthodontist and periodontist. She's an affiliate assistant professor at the university of washington, maintains a private practice in seattle and is faculty at spear education. Dr. Gunson is a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon, resident faculty at spear education and lectures nationally and internationally on topics related to orthognathic surgery, OSA and facial esthetics