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Dental Digest Podcast with Dr. Melissa Seibert

May 25, 2020

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Part 2: Dr. Anthony Mennito is a subject-matter expert in CAD/CAM dentistry. He's here to present his literature articles related to CAD/CAM dentistry and conservative indirect restorations. Whether you're a neophyte with CAD/CAM or you'e been using it for years, this MUSC professor will definitely expand your knowledge base. 

PubMed Articles:

About Dr. Anthony Mennito:

He contributed to testing of the E4D Compare computer-assisted learning software. Among a competitive applicant pool, he was selected to serve as the Chief Operations Officer for CuRE Innovations. CuRE innovations is a biotech startup that he co-founded aimed at improving dental restoration longevity.

Dr. Anthony Mennito, is an Associate Professor at the Medical University of South Carolina, College of Dental Medicine. He presently serves as the Division Director for digital dentistry. He also leads pre-clinical CAD/CAM training and oversees the CAD/CAM and Esthetic clinics at the University.

He is adroit in digital systems made by 3Shape, Planmeca and Dentsply Sirona. He is a renowned international lecturer and published 17 papers on the topics of digital dentistry and dental materials.

“People always ask me why I chose to become a dentist. It’s a difficult question to answer because the truth is when I made the decision I was only 14 and knew virtually nothing about the profession.

As it turned out, I was pretty smart as a 14 year old. Dentistry fits me perfectly and I couldn’t imagine ever doing anything else.

I’ve been teaching and practicing at the Medical University of South Carolina since 2010. Here is where I found my niche in dentistry – esthetics and CAD/CAM dentistry. The ability to change someone’s smile or to fix a badly broken down tooth is fantastic in and of itself. But to be able to do it in one visit….wow!