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Dental Digest Podcast with Dr. Melissa Seibert

Dec 21, 2020

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This episode features the inventor of Ribbond, Dr. David Rudo.

Ribbond reports an “ultra-highmolecular- weight polyethylene fibers used to make bulletproof vests. Ribbond's fibers exceed the breaking point of fiberglass, while absorbing less moisture than dental resins.” Ribbond has several applications such as 1. Single visit bridge 2. Periodontal splinting 3. Orthodontic retainers 4. Trauma stabilization 5. Endodontic post and core. All that being said, one of its most notable applications is in fiber-reinforced composite restorations. This topic has become very popular in the discussion of biomimetic dentistry. Dental Digest LLC has no financially vested interest in Ribbond.