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Dental Digest Podcast with Dr. Melissa Seibert

Jun 28, 2021

This episode will continue the discussion on fiber reinforced composite and continuous fiber with researcher, academic and clinician Dr. Filip Keulemans. 

Composite, as you know is a mainstay, but we all know it shrinks. On average it shrinks about 1-6%. Some more, some less. And, one of the most vulnerable landmarks of the restoration is the hybrid layer. The hybrid layer, is the layer that forms when the resin monomer penetrates into the collagen fibrils of the dentin. The hybrid layer is vulnerable for a lot of reasons, but just think of the hybrid layer conceptually and you’ll see why it can succumb to delamination. You’re trying to get plastic to bond to a wet bodily tissue aka dentin. We’ve identified two challenges here - composite shrinks and we’re trying to form a bond that lasts twenty years. 

This is where Ribbond, or a leno weave polyethylene fiber comes in. And, just for your awareness, I have no conflict of interest with Ribbond. In this episode you’re going to learn a lot about fiber (aka Ribbond) from prolific researcher, scientist and clinician Filip Keulemans. Just do a pubmed search on this guy. He is leading the charge in researching fiber reinforced composites. His work has been cited by hundreds and read by thousands. He has over 20 peer reviewed articles on the topic.

Throughout this discussion you may hear of two different types of fiber. There is continuous fiber and short fiber. Continuous fiber honestly looks like a thin strip of a cotton gauze and its placed in the floor of the restoration. Short fiber, on the other hand, contains small fiber particles that are dispersed throughout the composite. Short fiber is believed to make the composite much stronger. Here today to discuss this topic is Dr. Filip Keulemans. He has a background not only as a clinician but also a dental researcher. He has dozens of publications and he's even written a chapter in the textbook clinical guide to principles of fiber-reinforced composites in dentistry

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