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Dental Digest Podcast with Dr. Melissa Seibert

Jan 17, 2022

In this episode Ms. Angela Holland, the CEO of Preferred Dental Services will share her protips for having a profitable practice that takes dental insurance. She'll also explain how you can stay out of trouble and avoid insurance fraud. 


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Dr. Seibert: @dr.melissa_seibert

One of the greatest ways dentists lose money or get into trouble is not knowing how to deal with Dental insurance companies. Sometimes dentists hire a front office manager to do the billing and manage insurance, but oftentimes they’re undertrained in this area or they can’t devote the time to constantly being up to date on all the changes in dental insurance. So, effectively you’re losing a lot of money. Well, the CEO of Preferred Dental Services is here with us today to share her expertise. Preferred Dental Services is a company where you can entirely outsource insurance to a Billing Specialist so you and your office never have to sweat it again. Hiring a Billing Specialist is like hiring an OUTSTANDING Assitant to your Practice Manager. However, they are paid based on how much money they make you, and NEVER request PTO or uses sick leave. Your Preferred Billing Specialist also doesn’t require medical insurance and  removes the threat of embezzlement, and NEVER has to go home early. Angela is phenomenal to work with and once you listen to this episode you’ll realize very quickly she knows what she’s doing. If you want to make your practice more profitable, I recommend you go to preferred dental